Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12:1 “Remember your creator in the days of your youth”.

This is a ministry to which we have been giving utmost importance. Special sessions are being conducted on the first Sunday (during service hours) and the last Saturday of each month for the youth of our church as part of our youth ministry.

The age of adolescence from 13-20, is a very crucial part of a person’s life. It is during the stages of youth that the individual begins to form their identity, it is also a time for them to make decisions regarding their future, such as their educational and career choices and so on. It is also one of the hardest parts of their lives in the world we live in today, especially with all the temptations and peer pressure they face. Many youths seek after worldly knowledge and fame. They become victim to the power of money and worldly pleasures. They begin to care more about fellowship and relationships with their friends instead of their relationship and fellowship with God.

We believe that they need to be steered in the right direction. Our ministry guides them onto the right path. We teach them to make the right decision and establish good friendships, tolerance, obedience, kindness and to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God. The youth are raised up to place their faith in God, to stand up for their faith in times of trials and tribulations and to live as a positive Christian example to those whom they converse with.

Our youth ministry is dedicated to placing the word of God in the hearts of the youth so that when they face a problem in their lives they will turn to God for the answers and not the world. They are taught to dedicate themselves to God so that he may use them just as he used Daniel, Joshua, and David, Ester, Ruth and other Bible heroes and servants of God in the days of their youth.