Sunday Service

Every Sunday morning at 9 am church services are conducted at Rosehill Public School, Rosehill, NSW Australia. The services are a time for praise, thanksgiving, worship, teaching and communion. Families from all over Sydney attend these services and have a wonderful time of fellowship and union. The word of God is delivered by Rev. Dr S. Daniel and Dr Mrs Ramani Daniel as given to them by our Lord, thereby proving to be a blessing to everyone who hears the word of God and adheres to it. Many testimonies are shared by those who have experienced the deliverance that God has granted them, the healing they had received from the Lord and to celebrate the manifold blessings showered upon them by our Lord. Rev. Dr S. Daniel and Dr Mrs Ramani Daniel pray tearfully and with a burdened heart for every prayer request they receive with many of the prayer requests coming from across the globe.


Rosehill Public School Hall,

Prospect Street,  Rosehill,

Sydney,  NSW Australia


Time: 9 am

Rosehill Public School is within walking range of Parramatta, Harris Park, Granville, and Rosehill Railway Stations.