Sunday School

Every Sunday during our church services, Sunday School is held for the children. The children are grouped into classes according to their ages. The class consist of Beginners (3-4 years), Pre-Primary (5-7 years), Primary (8-10 years), Juniors (11-12 years) and Seniors (13-17 years).

Our teachers have dedicated themselves to the Children’s Ministry and are wholeheartedly dedicated and committed to the welfare of the children. The teachers spend precious time preparing their lessons. They are dedicated and have committed themselves to the growth of their pupils’ spiritual life and are keen to bring every young lamb into God’s fold.

Our Sunday School is committed to meet the specific spiritual and life needs of each age group. From babies through senior / young adults, they are brought up in the love of God and taught the fear of the Lord. Biblical stories, testimonies and personal experiences of teachers and servants of God are illustrated to the children to provide them with the understanding of God and teach them how God worked in their lives and how he can use them for His glory. Each child is equipped with the word of God to support, guide and lift them as they walk along the paths of this world.

As parents, we desire to see our children lead decent and honest lives. That is why we teach them the Word of God and His power and His love, together with the fear of the Lord from a young age because these values will then guide them throughout their lives.



From this young age, the children are taught the Bible stories in a simple manner that they are able to grasp. They participate in arts and crafts that are related to the stories and are taught Bible verses which they are able to remember and grow by.



Biblical truths come alive for Pre-Primary Children through visuals that help them picture the story in their minds. In addition to the Bible lesson, class members hear a story each week about children their own age who have put into practice the morals and principles learned through the Bible Lesson. They are also taught to memorise verses from the Bible and keep them in their heart.



When students attend Primary Classes, they understand simple truths like obeying, being kind, and doing right. Throughout the year they are taught to extend upon these characteristics and begin to put them into daily practice. They also obtain a greater understanding of the need for Christ in their lives. The children increase their Biblical knowledge and their understanding of the power of God.



Junior students elaborate upon the Biblical knowledge that they have obtained throughout the past years. They are provided with the testimonies of men and women all over the world that God has and is using, as well as Biblical stories to illustrate to them the power of God. The children learn to rely on God for all their needs and put their faith into action in their daily lives.



At an age when the children face more temptation and pressures in their lives, these young adults are taught how to stand firm in their faith and to trust God for all their needs. They learn to commit themselves to the will of God and to put the Word of God into practice, through not only being hearers of the word but also doers of the word. As Seniors they are brought up to stand out as positive Christian examples to not only the younger children at Church but also to the world.