Hospital Ministry

Hospital Ministry

When our Lord Jesus Christ walked on earth over 2000 years ago, He ministered to all the people who were sick. He healed the multitudes who came to Him with the faith that He had the power to heal them. We read in the Bible that every person He touched and every person who touched Him was healed.

In Mathew 25:36 Our Lord says: “I was sick and you looked after me”. So we take it as our obligation to visit the sick, to feed and cloth the poor, to fight the wrong and to relieve those in distress. We visit the hospitals and meet with patients, listen to their stories of distress and agony and when we pray with them, we bring comfort and consolation to their hearts. This, in turn, brings peace and joy and ultimately physical and spiritual healing to them. The Lord has granted His courage and strength and has healed every patient who we have visited and prayed for. Through this Ministry, many lives have been touched and saved. Rev. Dr S. Daniel and Dr Mrs Ramani Daniel have experienced the power of God in the lives of the patients that they have visited and have witnessed the Lord restore life to many people during their final hours


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